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For critical applications requiring the highest level of bolt load control, the patented HYTORC Nut system provides industry-leading joint integrity.
 This three-piece fastener applies pure tension to the bolt to prevent thread damage and ensure bolt load accuracy.  Available in a variety of materials to suit all applications, from extreme temperatures to harsh climates.
BOLT TENSIONER - CALIBRATED LOAD ACCURACY No other bolting system provides the same level of repeatable accuracy, ensuring even bolt load to eliminate joint failure and unintentional nut loosening.
TOOL LONGEVITY Other bolting systems put the reaction arm and square drive on opposites sides of the tool causing high stress in the body of the tool, which can lead to failure over time.  The HYTORC Nut puts the action and reaction on the square drive axis to eliminate the majority of internal stress, and increase the lifetime of your tools.
GALL-FREE REMOVAL The HYTORC Nut is the only fastener that can guarantee the elimination of galled or damaged threads on installation and removal.  These fasteners have been installed on various high temperature applications for ten years and longer, and were removed without damage th the bolts, providing tremendous savings by eliminating the need for bolt replacement.